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Like many creative people, Elizabeth Petcu is an interesting person whose positive attitude inspires all who come in contact with her. This page features links to two articles and a documentary about the hearing problems which Elizabeth found increasingly challenging as a musician with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. These articles highlight the value of a ’never give up’ attitude and a good heart. Also featured is an essay that she completed to gain her Masters Degree in Music Therapy.

An Irish Woman’s Diary

The Irish Times

THE ability to hear plays such a crucial role in making music that it’s almost impossible to imagine how a professional musician feels when they’ve been diagnosed with a condition called otosclerosis, or progressive deafness. “I’m in good company, apparently,” says the flautist Elizabeth Petcu with a wry smile. “Beethoven is thought to have had it as well.”  More »

Deafness Crept Up On Me

The Irish Times

My hearing loss crept up on me very, very softly. I feel it happened over at least 15 years and may even be happening still. I wouldn't really have been aware of it at all until I found myself using the phone on one ear only and then people being surprised when I didn't respond to something spoken. More »

Beethoven and Me

Documentary on One – RTÉ Radio 1

For most people, hearing loss would be hard to cope with, but it's almost impossible to imagine what it would be like for a professional musician. More »

Striking Right Note Together

Sunday Independent

Flautist Elizabeth Petcu and violinist Mircea fell in love on tour 30 years ago, and their noteworthy bond has remained unbroken since. More »

A Flute Maker/Player Dyad

A Flute to Suit

A Flute Maker/Player Dyad’A Phenomenological Study into the Experiences of a Flute Maker/Player Dyad’ was completed by Elizabeth Petcu in May of 2002 as a final semester essay that she undertook to gain her Masters Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Limerick. More »