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'19/'20 ESALA Architectural History & Theory Seminar Series

Semester One


24 Sep 2019 | Erasing the Ketchaoua Mosque: Catholicism, assimilation, and civic identity in C19th France and Algeria | Professor Ralph Ghoche (Barnard College)


8 Oct 2019 | Early Modern Machines and the Architecture of the Worksite | Dr Elizabeth Merrill (Warburg Institute)


22 Oct 2019 | Modernist Piranesi | Professor Victor Plahte Tschudi (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design)


5 Nov 2019 | The Renaissance Superstructure | Dr Morgan Ng (St John’s College, Cambridge)


19 Nov 2019 | “Better than Gold”: Commercial Property Development in Post-war Britain | Dr Alistair Kefford (University of Leicester)


Semester Two


28 Jan 2020 | ‘Cranks and Laymen’: consolidating the role of the ‘expert’ architect and the layman public in architectural criticism, 1935-1940 | Dr Jessica Kelly (University of the Creative Arts)


11 Feb 2020 | Living on Campus: The American College Dormitory in the Twentieth Century | Professor Carla Yanni (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)

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