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The Architectural Image and Early Modern Science - Fall 2024

The print version of The Architectural Image and Early Modern Science is scheduled to appear in October 2024 in the UK and Europe and in December 2024 in the US. The e-book will also be released globally in October 2024. Details on launch events UK, Germany, and US will appear soon.

“Renaissance Architectural Culture and Geological Inquiry” - late 2024

My article, “Renaissance Architectural Culture and Geological Inquiry,” will appear in the edited volume Synagonism in the Fine Arts, edited by Joris van Gastel, Markus Rath, and Yannis Hadjinicolaou, and to be published by Brill in late 2024.


Catalogue Essays for Strasbourg 1560-1600. Le renouveau des arts - February 2024

I have authored two essays for the catalogue from a major exhibition of art in Strasbourg during the late Renaissance, “Strasbourg 1560-1600. Le renouveau des arts”, which will be staged at the Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame in Strasbourg, France, from 2 February to 18 May 2024:

  • “Wendel Dietterlin et l'Architectura” addresses the intermedial and interdisciplinary dimensions of the most significant architectural treatise of the sixteenth century published in the German-speaking lands, as well as the global legacy of its enigmatic author, Wendel Dietterlin. Read an English-language version on my website here.

  • “La salle de la « Loge des maçons et tailleurs de pierre » de la maison de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame et son décor peint” explores Strasbourg’s most important cycle grotesque wall paintings and their connections to sixteenth-century botanical and zoological research. An English-language version will be made available on my website soon.


The Grotesque Mathematics of Dürer’s Victoria” - 27 September 2023

I presented a paper, “The Grotesque Mathematics of Dürer’s Victoria,” at the Itineraries of the Grotesque Across Early Modern Texts and Images workshop at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.


Special Issue of The Journal of Architecture: Un-making Architecture - June 2023

Together with Jason E. Nguyen (University of Toronto), I am a co-editor of the upcoming special issue of The Journal of Architecture, “Un-Making Architecture,” a global and diachronic collection of articles on dynamics of destruction as crucial forces in architectural history, theory, and practice. Our co-authored editorial for the issue is “Un-making architecture: an introduction to a critical framework”, which is available on an open access basis at this link.


2023 Renaissance Architecture and Theory Scholars (RATS) Conference - 24 March 2023

With Caspar Pearson (Warburg Institute) and Fabrizio Nevola (University of Exeter), I co-hosted the 2023 Renaissance Architecture and Theory Scholars (RATS) Conference at the University of Edinburgh. The conference featured eleven presenters (link to line-up) and enjoyed over 3x the registrants and attendees of the previous conference, thanks to the co-convenors efforts to make the event more global, inclusive, and accessible.


Special Lecture at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning - 21 February 2023

I delivered a talk for the History, Theory and Criticism (HTC) community of the Department of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, titled, “Between Potosí and Saxony: Visualizing Architectural Systems of Colonial Resource Extraction.” I thank the MIT scholars who attended for the invigorating and constructive conversation that ensued.


Paper presented at 2023 College Art Associate (CAA) Annual Conference - 16 February 2023

I presented a portion of my forthcoming book, The Architectural Image and Early Modern Science: Wendel Dietterlin and the Rise of Empirical Investigation, at the 111th College Art Association Annual Conference in New York City. The paper, “Architectural Drawing, Information Management, and Early Modern Science: Wendel Dietterlin Drafts the Architectura (1593-8)", joined the “Drawing (New) Stories,” session, sponsored by the Society of Architectural Historians. My trip was generously funded by the University of Edinburgh and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

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